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Black Swan is the lightest, finest and most sensitive rods among the range of Favorite rods


 SIMPLICITY AND FUNCTIONALITY A black matte rod with a neat barely noticeable logo and a simple handle shifts the emphasis from the design to the rod itself. But it also makes the rod stand out from the rest on the market.

The handle is made of classically shaped EVA based on the most functional IPS reel seats. The grips are constructed utilizing graphite arbors with minimal epoxy to lighten its weight.

The rod is equipped with titanium Fuji guides with Torzite inserts.

The best ratio of different high modulus carbn was chosen for the rod's blank. The basis is Toray T1100 carbon, which was previously available exclusively for Japan. This carbon is 30% stronger than other prepregs of equal modularity. Therefore, we were able to use more high modulus 40-46 TON carbons for the blank without sacrificing strength.

The blanks are built according to Japanese rods for mackerel (aji) and squid (egi) fishing. Wicked, dry, it allows to cast the bait precisely and far, leaving no chance for the fish to escape.

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Model Length, m Power Lure test, g Line test Action Weight, g Section Transp. length, sm
BSW1-902ML-T 2.74 Medium Light 4 - 16 #0.4-0.8 PE Ex-Fast 85 2