Warranty and return

Favorite company provides one year warranty for all spinning rods and reels, which is verified by the availability of completed warranty certificate with branded hologram.

In case of a warranty claim, the manufacturer takes an obligation to replace the detail or the item by a new one or to make a refund. The cost of repairs and replacements are covered by the manufacturer, except the situations, when the product doesn't include a warranty.

Warranty repairs shall be completed within 21 working days from the date when the product would be delivered at the manufacturer's address.

The warranty only covers damages, which occurred due to the manufacturer's mistake, provided there are a correctly completed warranty claim form and a check.

In case of absence of warranty certificate with hologram and/or in case the warranty is considered illegitimate by an expert, the manufacturer reserves the right to decline warranty service request. 

The warranty doesn't cover:

  • products damaged during wrong transportation, storage or use as well as the products which are mechanically, chemically and/or thermally damaged; 


  • products influenced by liquids or solids; 


  • inappropriately used products.



In case of a warranty claim, don't hesitate to contact our support service at the email or text us in chat.