From $64.99


Favorite Sapphire is a series of budget-friendly spinning reels



Its' broad model range satisfies the needs of anglers, who admire different styles of spinning fishing, from ultralight to heavy jig.

The mechanism of line laying allows to perform not only smooth, but a jerking lure action too.



The roller is covered with titanium nitride. The reel handle is screwed into the drive gear, this minimizes the play and increases reliability. 


Gear ratio of the real is 5.2:1.

The new rotor is 15% lighter, which significantly reduces inertia during rotation and increases sensitivity.


The updated Sapphire has become 15% lighter. New line roller is mounted on two ball bearings with protection against dirt and water penetration.



Size Nylon line capacity (mm/m) Braided line capacity (PE #/М) Weight, g Ball bearings Gear ratio Line retrieve, cm
SPHR201/2000 0.205/240, 0.26/106 0.6/300, 1/200 220 7+1 5.2:1