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It is a light spinning reel for ultralight fishing. The spinning reel belongs to area trout fishing Favorite Arena series.


The reel works great not only with area trout fishing, but with micro jig techniques, chub and asp fishing using light lures and thin lines.

Its' soft and smooth motion, plain and tight fishing line laying allows to accurately long-distance cast light lures and to perform both delicate and jerking actions with it.
Modern carbon fiber material AirLite makes Arena reel light, but tough. The absence of anti-reverse switch makes the reel's mechanism reliable. The metallic handle is screwed into the drive gear shaft. The spinning reel is also equipped with an ergonomic knob made of cork.


Size Nylon line capacity (mm/m) Braided line capacity (PE #/М) Weight, g Ball bearings Gear ratio
C2500s 0.148/200, 0.185/130 0.4/330, 0.8/150 220 10+1 5.2:1