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Favorite X1 PE 4x is a multi-purpose four-braid line for spinning fishing.


It complements the series of spinning rods and reels of the same name - X1. The line keeps high tensile strength, reliability and durability. Х1 line is a good choice for those, who need a reliable tackle without frills. It allows to take pleasure in fishing and won't let you down in a crisis point.

Japanese line X1 is made of high-molecular polyethylen IZANAS, previously known as Dyneema. Due to the improved material, the line guarantees great tensile strength and durability.

Due to usage of H-Grade PE material, the line keeps balanced softness and high durability. The silicone covering Si-coating makes the surface of the line smooth and slippery. Due to those qualities, the friction in the guides desreases, but the casting capacity increases. The line with this kind of covering is less prone to water absorbtion. The additional technological process called MAT (Molecular Alignment Technology) increases the amount of polyethylen molecules directed one way, thus increases the base fiber's strength and allows to produce a stronger line without increasing it's cost.

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Japanese classification number Strength, lb Strength, kg Diameter, mm Length, m
#3.0 41 19 0.296