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Favorite Smart PE 8X is a Japanese eight-braid line made to help achieve maximal casting and to keep your lure under complete control.


It is recommended to use for spinning fishing, where there is a need for long distance casting as well as highly sensitive tackle. For example, spoon/spinnerbait, wobbler or deep jig fishing.

Modern technologies, particularly H-Grade PE material allowed us to create the line, which is capable of high durability and fantastic smoothness. It provides longer distance casting ability, the reduction of noise during line's running through the guides and less water resistance when fishing deep in the water.

The additional silicone covering Si-coating makes the surface maximally smooth, not being prone to water absorbtion and keeping high durability. There is a modern painting technology Lifetime Painting applied to the line, which allows to keep bright color whithin a long period of time.

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Japanese classification number Strength, lb Strength, kg Diameter, mm Length, m
#3.0 35 19