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Favorite Arena PE 4X is a specialized four-braid Japanese line for trout fishing.


Being very thin, round and thick, it allows to long cast light lures as well as to keep them under control. The line is also suitable for an ultralight fishing, for example micro jig techniques.

The line is made of highly strong S-Grade PE material with very tight braiding. Due to this, the lines are distinct for their thinness and high sensitivity, keeping durability at the same time.

The additional silicone covering Si-coating makes the surface maximally smooth, not being prone to water absorbtion and keeping high durability. There is a modern painting technology Lifetime Painting applied to the line, which allows to keep bright color whithin a long period of time.

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Japanese classification number Strength, lb Strength, kg Diameter, mm Length, m
#0.4 8 3.5 0.104